New Zealand Ride

I am Margreet van der Weide from the Netherlands and I welcome you to this website! Thank you for being interested.

You are on the website of the foundation for which I am riding through beautiful New Zealand. The name of the foundation is: Sharing is living for the children of Cameroon.

In 2018 I visited Cameroon in Africa and got involved in education in several schools and in the orphanage which calls itself HOTPEC. In July 2019 two freinds and I started a foundation to raise money in order to help them get self-sustaining. My biggest dream is to realize a vocational school on the grounds of the orphanage. With a solid education they could be a baker, a tailor, a farmer, a carpenter or a mechanic. These are all professions which are always needed in the Cameroonian Society.

Please, become a sponsor of my New Zealand Ride!
My friend Liz Pitu in Hamilton, is so nice as to make one of her accounts available for our foundation, so that you don’t have the extra costs for transferring the money to Holland. When I return in April she will transfer the money as one amount with only one time the costs.

You can follow my ride on
After the Dutch text follows the English ‘translation’.

You can sponsor on: E.J.Pitu, Westpac Bank, 03-1557-0172533-002
Thank you very much for your support!